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World's latest & unique medical gadget DIGITAL DOCTOR (software cum hardware)



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Diagnoz-it (Digital Doctor) shall prove to be of immense help to medics & shall act as a replacement for shortage of doctors in the rural area. Healthy people, Healthy Nation.


Planning commission of India states India faces a shortage of about 600,000 doctors, one million nurses, 200,000 dental surgeons and large numbers of paramedical staff.



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Low cost tele medicine solutions

NAMBISON'S SOFTRONIX presents the world's cheapest yet powerful Telemedicine solution, Software & Hardware (Digital Stethoscope).


Digital Doctor is a combination of low cost Software & Hardware for clinical decision making, it can diagnose a wide variety of diseases & suggest the line of management of diseases.

Diagnoz-it (PRO) & (LITE)

User friendly low cost Software for diagnosing, managing disease with Digital Health Calculators for ascertaining BMI, BMR, Body fat percentage ...

Hi-Power DigiScope (Digital Stethoscope) Low cost

World's most low cost, cheap model of Digital Stethoscope with high efficiency in capturing sounds with free software for monitoring the waveforms of Heart beats etc

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Friends for the overwhelming response. If you are interested in owning the DIGITAL DOCTOR, please give us your contact details we shall revert back to you.  


Diagnoz-it (Pro) (Medical Diagnosing software) + Institutional Version.

Diagnoz-it (Lite) (Calculator for Obesity Management, Health etc)

Digital Electronic Stethoscope (Back in Stock)

…with more than 10000 medical conditions their  clinical presentation, Investigation & Management


… details of pathological investigation to be done for more than 500 diseases


… details of more than 550 investigations (their indication, interpretation & normal values)


… details of cause of more than 1000 symptoms


… details of more than 300 syndromes


… details of more than 600 signs

In total "Diagnoz-it" contains more than 5000 medical condition strings in database.

nambison's Digital Stethoscope
is a stethoscope which passes sound waves to special integrated circuit & Hi-Tech filter, which filters out unwanted noise & specifically amplifies intrabody sounds. (Heart, Lung, Abdominal, Circulatory sounds)

Analyse, Record, Review, Transmit intrabody sounds for precise diagnosis.

Diagnoz-it (Pro): Uses the latest technology in the industry to help Doctors diagnose/analyse medical cases. With latest MDSE (Medical Database Search Engine) & Active-X

Diagnoz-it (Lite): Digital health calculators Special software made for Nurses, Paramedics gymnasia, beauty clinics, clubs etc.
Dianozit-Pro & LITE Institutional version is also available.
......teaching institutes shall be definitely benefited by this innovation. -Dr.B.S.Yadav Cardiologist (Dept. of cardiology Govt. Gandhi Medical college, Bhopal)
Telemedicine is a boon to medical science & patients, with this invent patient sitting at home can consult a doctor at far away place by sending his body sounds. -Dr.Rajesh Sharma Orthopaedic Surgeon (Director, Narmada Advanced Trauma Institute, M.P)
I am yet to see such innovation, this digital doctor will prove indispensable with growing patient awareness. -Dr.R.N.Ansari
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