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Rich feature, soothing  look with latest MDSE (Medical databse search engine)

"Diagnosis through technology"


Diagnoz-it your clinical assistant

Diagnoz-it (Pro)

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Diagnoz-it (Lite)

also ask for Intitutional Version

Digital Stethoscope


Best Medical software for students, internees and doctors for reference, learning and rejuvenating their knowledge .

Diagnoz-it (Pro) Professional Edition R-2.0

In medical field, diagnosis or diagnostics is the process of identifying a medical condition or disease by its signs, symptoms, and from the results of various diagnostic procedures. The conclusion reached through this process is called a diagnosis.

"With MDSE & Mid-string search technology, DIGITAL DOCTOR shall prove to be a breakthrough in eMedicine"


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Patient Information
(Electronic Medical Record) is meant to record details of Patient. User can retrieve information on a further date for research & follow up through easy to use search option. Print option allows user to print details of patient for second opinion or to maintain his record so that user can view patients detail for further review of patients history, whenever required and see related records for research etc...This also helps in keeping record of birthdays and anniversaries of patient.

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case search

Case Diagnosis
Helps user in Diagnosing a Medical condition, by seeking simple inputs of patient symptoms. Case Diagnosis retrieves result using next generation technology from a database of over 10000 medical condition. It also provides details of the probable disease, their description, investigation to be done & line of treatment. This also provides user advanced search option, for highly refined search.

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Cause Diagnosis (3 - in - 1)
Helps user in Diagnosing the cause of Disease on the basis of Symptom, Sign or Syndrome. User can also save this information of patient in database.

Symptom: By entering the Symptom or an indication of disorder or disease the user easily can find the causes related to it. • Sign: On input of a clinical sign in a patient, the automated software tells you the disease in which the sign is observed. Alternatively, if user inputs a disease condition the software tells what & how to elicit the sign. • Syndrome: By entering name of a Syndrome or symptom or characteristic pattern of behavior, that tends to occur in the patient, the user can find description, comments, treatment & test to be done in that particular syndrome.

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If the user wants to know the management (line of treatment) details (Therapeutics, Prognosis and Precautions) of a particular medical condition, the user can directly use this tool. The software produces result from different specialties like Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiovascular Vascular Medicine, Chest Medicine, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Endocinology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Haematology, Emergencies.

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User can quickly retrieve the Investigations to be performed in a case or retrieve the details of investigation.

Disease: By entering the Disease Name Can find Test , Sign, Differential Diagnosis, Physiology related to it which can be used in Diagnosis of case.
Pathology: By entering the Investigation Name Can find Normal range, Indication, Interpretation, Physiology related to the investigation.

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Reference chart
Temperature Pulse Rate Ratio Normal Values of Body Fluid (Blood, Seminal Fluid, Stool, Cerebrospinal Fluid, Sputum, Urine) • Nutrients Contents in Food Stuff (Cereal Grains and their Products, Pulses and legumes, Leafy vegetables, Radish and Tubers, Other vegetables, Nuts and Oilseeds, Condiments and Spices, Fish and other flesh foods, Milk and milk Products, Miscellaneous foodstuff, Fruits) • Diet In Diabetes (Dietary Allowance in Diabetes, Daily Diet For Diabetes, Division of Daily Diet Required) • Diet According to the Type Of Patient Food Rich in Vitamins
Iron Rich Food (Leafy Vegetables, Cereal, Flesh Foods) • Calcium Rich Foods
(Green Leafy Vegetables, Cereal and Pulses, Fish, Milk And Other Milk Products)
Height and Weight chart

• Bilingual (Hindi-English) Medical Dictionary of over 16000 terms, so find the meaning & understand medical terms.

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Body View

• Visual representation of body with animated body parts for easy explanation of anatomy of body to the patients.

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(Heart sample) (Kidney sample)


With simple inputs generate Sickness & Fitness certificate & take their print outs for issuing it to your patient, Make your clinic or hospital paperless.

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Hindi Keypad
This utility is provided to help users to type Hindi without the knowledge of Hindi typing.

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Event reminder (forget forgetting events)

On startup the software automatically reminds the user; list of appointments of patient, list of birthdays & list of anniversaries on that particular date with contact details. (Powered by special database backup facility)

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Diagnoz-it (Lite) Digital health calculators R-2.0

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Different parameters of body when put together brings forth many hidden information which acts as a eye opener. The complex calculations has been assigned to the the Digital Calculator which calculates & gives results which in turn can be used for preventive or prognostic purpose. These is a very useful tool for common people also who are health concious.  

Welcome screen Enter name of patient & select calculator.

BMR Calculator, BMI & Ideal weight Calculator, Diabetes CDVH Calculator, Daily Calorie Calculator, Body Fat Calculator, Waist To Hip Ratio Calculator, Fitness Calculator, Amount of Water To Drink, Thermal Analysis, Miasmatic Analysis, Prakarti Calculator, Positive Health Calculator

BMI & Ideal weight Calculator

"BMI" measures your height/weight ratio. For your ease you can input height in Feet, inches or Meter, centimeters weight in Kilogram or Pound simply enter the parameters & get your BMI.
Study says people with BMIs between 19 and 22 live longest. Death rates are noticeably higher for people with indexes 25 and above. Accordingly calculate Ideal weight for your healthy living.

BMR Calculator
Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); the number of calories you will burn if you stayed in bed all day.
If you are putting weight even after you curtail your food or stay on strict dieting. You should know that your BMR decreases as you age. Curtailing food in hopes of losing weight also decreases your BMR. However, a regular routine of exercise can increase your BMR, improving your health and fitness when your body's ability to burn energy gradually slows down.
Once you know your BMR, you can calculate your daily calorie needs based on your activity level using Daily Calorie Calculator.

Daily Calorie Calculator

Calculates Basic Energy Requirements, Extra Energy Requirements & total energy requirement. Also calculate the amount of Carbohydrate, Fat & protein required.

Waist-Hip ratio Calculator
Your waist to hip ratio determines your overall health risk. People with more weight around their waist are at greater risk of lifestyle related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes than those with weight around their hips. It is a simple and useful measure of fat distribution.
Use a measuring tape to check the waist and hip measurements.
- Measure your hip circumference at it's widest part.
- Measure your Waist Circumference at the belly button or just above it.

Body Fat Calculator
Calculate how much body fat are you carrying? Find out if you are in the healthy range. Your body fat percentage is simply the percentage of fat your body contains. Accordingly, you can assess your risk of fat related disease.

Fitness Calculator
After exercising for fixed period of time record the pulse rate per minute & enter the parameters along with age & sex. The calculator tells your fitness.

Amount of daily water intake
According to weight know the daily amount water you should drink.

Thermal Analysis
Offers simple questions which has to be rated by the patient in 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 finally the software evaluates the answers & gives result whether thermal reaction of the patient is Chilly, Hot or Ambient with their %.

Miasm Analysis
Offers simple questions which has to be rated by the patient in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 finally the software evaluates the answers & gives result whether miasmatic background of the patient is Psora, Syphilis or Sycotic with their %.
Prakarti Calculator
Offers simple questions which has to be rated by the patient in 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 finally the software evaluates the answers & gives result whether Prakarti (Dosha) of the patient is Vaata, Pittaa, Kapha with their %.
Positive health Calculator
Offers simple questions which has to be rated by the patient in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 finally the software evaluates the answers & gives result as to what is the % of domestic, financial, professional, social, personal stress in his life which can be adjusted accordingly.

Mother and Child health calculators

child growth meter

Apgar score

Ballard's Gestational Age

Pregnancy Calorie Planner

Healthy Diet Planner



Diet advice(calorie requirement)

Calorie Burn Planner

Body Fat-O-Meter

reach Goal Weight

Diabeto Meter

Target Heart Rate

is now only a click away.


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Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope

Product Description Visit page
Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope is a state-of-the art intrabody sound Auscultation System (with specific sound amplification Technology) hardware coupled with Nambison’s Diagnoz-it software (also available as stand alone). The Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope is just like conventional stethoscope with the added benefits. With Breakthrough indigenous Technology, Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope can Amplify the Body Sound up to 20 Times. With 20X Amplification, it enables doctors to catch the sound that is usually hidden from the conventional stethoscope, such as the heartbeat of fetus after 5 months. It gives you the choice of Bell, Diaphragm, for better and clearer sound. With Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope Heart, Lung & abdominal Sound can be seen on the computer screen. This Intra-Body Sound can be recorded in the computer for Analyzing, reviewing, transmitting it through IR or bluetooth device can be sent to a distant place through Voice SMS or Internet for second opinion or can be analyzed on follow up. This recorded sound can be stored in a computer for future reference or the Body Sound. Volume control and other changes can be done with the speakers used with the computer. Covered under a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Host PC Requirements:

• Operating System: MS Windows 98 or higher
• Processor: Pentium II - 300 MHz or higher
• RAM: 64 MB minimum
• HDD: 300 MB for program and disk cache
• Sound Card with input jack

Performance Specifications:
• Frequency Response: 20-1000 Hz
• File Type: .wav format

Third Party Requirements (for IP transmission): Internet, IR or bluetooth enabled computer.
• Sound Quality: High fidelity sound.
• Noise: Background noise immunity.
• Data Transmission: Real-time & Store/Forward IP; all telecom and video conferencing at greater than 9.6Kbps.
• User Interface: Remote & host units controlled by PC GUI applet.
• Data Storage: Archiving to a PC in standard .wav format.
• Record Length: up to 60 seconds
• Playback: at different or normal speed