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Goodness of ICT (Information cummunication technology) for Medical professionals



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With growing patient awareness, presentation of diverse medical conditions & medical professionals coming under the ambit of CPA (Consumer Protection Act), it has increasingly become necessary to harness the goodness of every possible tool to precisely diagnose the medical condition of patient.

          Apart from using pathological investigation to diagnose a case, like every other industry, it has become almost mandatory to use ICT (Information Communication Technology) as an aide in diagnosing a medical condition.

           In the given era of stressful lifestyle it may happen that even a highly knowledgeable medical professional may slip a medical condition, which eventually lead to a misdiagnosis.

          Diagnosis is a stepping-stone towards a successful management of a case misdiagnosis may lead to loosing a patient ultimately dream of a successful practice is unfulfilled.

          It is not ethical, moral or even dutiful to shy away from using any or every possible tool that can aide medical individuals to precisely diagnose a case. Therefore, nambison's proudly present:

Diagnoz-it (Pro) Institutional Version R-1.3

Diagnoz-it (LITE) Institutional Version R-1.3

Now available on request, with enhanced features; for hospitals & teaching institutions. For more information & pricing write to info@diagnozit.com

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make your institution Hi-tech







Diagnoz-it (Pro) Professional Edition R-2.0 (Video Demo)

In India Rs.9,000/- only
(Diagnozit-it LITE worth Rs.4000/- AbSoLuTeLy FREE)
Outside India USD$ 500.00 after discount USD$ 299.00 only
Hurry up! Offer for limited period

…with more than 10000 medical conditions their brief description, clinical presentation, Investigation & Management (from Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Psychiatry, ENT, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Cardiovascular Vascular Medicine, Chest Medicine, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Oncology, Infectious Disease, Haematology, Emergencies)

… details of pathological investigation to be done for more than 500 diseases
… details of more than 550 investigations

… details of cause of more than 1000 symptoms
… details of more than 350 syndromes
… details of more than 600 signs
… details of treatment of more than 800 diseases

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) Save details of your patients & get printouts of their details, issue automatically generated sickness & fitness certificates.
… with event reminder which reminds list of appointments of patients, list of birthday, list of appointments (Powered by special database backup facility)
advice diet to your patients (including diabetic patients) food rich in iron, calcium, nutrients, mineral, protein, carbohydrate & fat
… with Medical Dictionary of more than 16000 terms.
animated body parts for easy explanation of body anatomy to patients
Hindi Keypad utility for those who cannot type Hindi.


INITIAL OFFER: Diagnoz-it (Lite) Absolutely free!!


Diagnoz-it (Lite) Digital health calculators R-2.0 (Video Demo)

In India Rs.4,000/- only
Outside India USD$ 150.00 after discount USD$ 99.00 only
Hurry up! Offer for limited period

DIGITAL HEALTH CALCULATORS: Simple easy to use calculator calculates
BMI (Body mass index) & Ideal weight calculator,
BMR (Basal Metabolic rate) to identify risk of obesity/normalcy/under weight,
Calculate Risk of Diabetes,

Body Fat % calculator,
Daily calorie calculator,
Waist to hip ratio (for risk diabetes, coronary heart disease, hypertension),
Fitness calculator,
Calculate Amount of water to drink,
Thermal analysis,
Miasmatic analysis (Homeopathic- Psora, Syphilis, Sycosis),
Prakarti calculator (Ayurvedic Dosha- Vaata, Pita, Kapha),
Positive health calculator


Mother and Child health calculators (Video)

child growth meter

Apgar score

Ballard's Gestational Age

Pregnancy Calorie Planner

Healthy Diet Planner



Diet advice(calorie requirement)

Calorie Burn Planner

Body Fat-O-Meter

reach Goal Weight

Diabeto Meter

Target Heart Rate

is now only a click away.


 INITIAL OFFER: Body View, Hindi Keypad, Reference chart Absolutely free!!


Nambison's Digital Stethoscope (Video Demo)

In India Rs.9,000/- only
((Free Digital Recording software))
Outside India USD$ 400.00 after discount USD$ 199.00 only
Hurry up! Offer for limited period

Product Features Visit page
• With Breakthrough indigenous specific sound amplification Technology, Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope can Amplify the Body Sound up to 20 Times
• Specifically amplifies the sound range (20-1000 Hz) for heart sounds & (70-2000 Hz) for lung sounds.
Better and Clearer Sound
• With Sound recorder, Heart, Lung and abdominal sound can be seen on computer & Recorded in the computer for Analysing, reviewing, transmitting it through IR or bluetooth device can be sent to a distant place through Voice SMS or Internet for second opinion.
• Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope cancels Ambience Noise
• Nambison’s Digital Stethoscope needs one 9v battery.