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World's latest & unique medical gadget DIGITAL DOCTOR (software cum hardware)

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Users can also seek support through submitting their query or by contacting us. Enquiries from the dealers are also solicited.


The list of our dealer in different parts of India & World will also be available here. We keep ourselves updated with latest information & will release patches of updation to our customers as & when required.



Authorised dealer for M.P Govt. & PSU’s:
HLBS Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Mr.Mitesh Lokwani
243/B, Near Arch Manor Hotel,
M.P.Nagar Zone I, Bhopal - 462011

0755-4074072, 09826027444, 09303127444



Before Installation Read me First

1. Readme first for XP users

2. Readme first for Win7 Vista Users




Dear Friends,

Thank you for trusting us & making us your partner in diagnosing disease & promoting health through world's number one digital diagnosis partner.

As every software our software also needs some trouble shooting.

  1. Click to choose your trouble:
    1. Reinstalling Diagnoz-it Pro
    2. Calculator page blank

  2. 3. Unable to Validate Login

  3. 4. Troubleshooting for Windows 7/Vista users


1. Reinstalling Diagnoz-it PRO:

Please goto > control panel> Add remove program > Uninstall Diagnoz-it PRO click Remove.

  1. Click Start, Settings, Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Select the Diagnoz-it PRO product.
  4. Click Remove and follow the steps provided.

if you face any problem please write us at support@diagnozit.com

Now insert Diagnoz-it PRO installation CD into your CD Drive & start installation a fresh as you


2. Calculator Blank screen

Please go to the command prompt (Click start > accessories > command prompt)

then type the following & follow instructions

Now you are ready to use calculators. If Diagnoz-it PRO is installed in the D Drive then in the above steps please change the path type C:\>D: then type the above command as instructed above.


3. Unable to validate login 



If this is the message you are facing "Unable to Validate Login. Exiting from application..." then we have listed the


Troubleshooting for the same as under:





Some anti-virus blocks SQL Server Windows NT to access the Internet and is blocked by firewall (MSSQL.2\MSSQL\Binn\sqlservr.exe) 

Solution: Go to your antivirus palate & allow full access to the said program.





Problem in computers infected with virus/worms/trojan which manipulates the username & password. It also corrupts the .net environment of your system. Please read some articles for further clarification.



What should be done? 


1. Please remove the virus using some anti-virus you may also use ABSOLUTELY FREE!(anyone)

2. Scan your system & remove all virus.

3. If still the virus remains get your computer system formatted by your vendor.

4. Then reinstall Diagnoz-it please read http://diagnozit.com/support.html#Reinstalling_Diagnoz-it_PRO:


This should solve your problem. In event of any trouble please send us a mail.

Keep your system virus free for best performance.



Dr.K.M.Nisanth Nambison