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This calculator tells you how many calories you should be eating every day in order to maintain your present weight.

This is essential when you want to make changes to your weight, either lose or gain.

As you know, 7700 calories equals one kilogram of body weight. In simple terms, if you need to lose one kilogram of weight, your body will need to have a negative calorie balance of 7700 calories. You will then have to decide in how many days you want to lose this weight. If you decide to lose one kilogram every two weeks, this negative balance will have to be spread out over 15 days. Which means that you would have to have a negative calorie balance of about 500 calories per day.

This can come through a reduction in food intake as well as increased loss of calories through activity and exercise. But the majority will have to come from a decrease in the calories which you take in as food.

Using this calculator allows you to judge the calories which you need to eat to maintain your present weight and therefore will then let you know how many calories you should be eating in order to keep to your weight loss goal.

As an example, let us say that a person calculates that he needs 2500 calories to maintain his present weight. Now if he wants to lose one kilogram of weight every two weeks, then, as we have seen above, would have to reduce his food intake by around 350 calories ( the other 150 being lost through exercise) per day. Then using the Calorie Counter or the Diet Charts derived from the Indian Food Pyramid or the Ready to use Diet Charts, you can then draw up your diet.

When you use the Calculator, you will be asked to select your activity level. A brief guide to enable you to choose the level is given below.

Sedentary: Sitting, standing, and driving for most of the day.
Lightly Active: Cooking, light cleaning, light yard work, slow walking, most major activities involve sitting.
Moderately Active: An occupation that includes lifting, lots of walking, or other activities that keep you moving for several hours qualifies as moderately active .
Very Active: Heavy manual labor, a very active lifestyle, dancer or very active sports played for several hours almost daily.
Extremely Active: An elite athlete in training, or an extremely active lifestyle - both a work and at play. Sports or activity last for several hours, almost daily.
You should come back to the Calorie Requirement Calculator every 3-4 weeks in your schedule as with the changes in your weight, your Profile will change and you will have to make the necessary changes in your diet regimen.

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